Saral Samaadhi - Joy of Meditation is a Simple yet very effective Meditational Programme Developed by Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji after a Long Research from Our Ancient Scriptures. Even a Common Man / Beginner can Easily Learn and get Benefits from these Easy Techniques of Saral Samaadhi as it was used by Our Great Ancient Saints (Rishi - Munis). Saral Samaadhi helps us in Enlightenment of Our Spiritual Powers, Kundalini Awakening, Build Up Our Mental Strength, To conquer Stress, Anxiety, Hypertension, Depression, Drug Abuse, Asthma etc. During state of Saral Samaadhi - Joy of Meditation, we become a part and parcel of the Universe, like a drop in the ocean of love, and During meditation we melt into that Primordial being. This experience is the next stage in the evolution of an ordinary human being's awareness: that person is said to be born again or realized.

Why Saral Samaadhi - Joy of Meditation is Needed ?

In Todays  world of competition from childen ( students) to adults, we all are so stressed. And due to this stress our mind is losing its strength , memorance and concentration power. To increase brain power we try to take usless drinks or medicines, we try to do heavy exercises but nothing seems to work. Our stress, tension, anxity keeps on increasing which makes us shout in angers on others, we be come more irritatted and disturbed. Our mind is full of fogginess and tension and as a result our relationship with our dear oues, our family and friends is detroiting day by day. If this is also your story, then don’t  think and right away join   Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji's Saral Samadhi Courses and increase your mind 's memory power, concentration power, glow of your face and happiness in your Life. Join »

Saral Samaadhi - The Secrets of Our Rishi Munis

During Ancient Times “Rishi’s” or “Muni’s” Engaged themselves in Prolonged Meditation countinously for years & years to purify their mind. As a result they got vision of mantras, potent sounds, vibrations etc. through states of their higher consciousness which they used for the benefit of mankind.

Rishi Means - rshir darshanaat - Rishi is the one who has seen (darshan) the spiritual truth. Muni Means - maunam aacarati iti munih - The one who maintains the vow of silence to prevent distraction during his tapasyas. Through Samaadhi they achieved morality like abstaining from stealing, harming, sexual misconduct, intoxication, true speaking and found many answers to our unknown questions.

Our Rishi Munis were also Scientists but their working areas were related to the interplay and manifestations of subtle energy.  They didn’t give priority to that science which deals with physical forces only because they knew that such science will ultimately lead to devastation as physical force is blind.

While spiritual force has wisdom and Spritual science removes the blindness of physical force. Therefore they decided that Sadhana and Meditation with higher energies and perception (bodha) of Brahma very are necessary. 

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Why Saral Samaadhi Meditation?
What are the Benefits of Meditation ?
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What are the Benefits of Meditation ?
Why Saral Samaadhi Meditation?
What are the Benefits of Meditation ?
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